1)   Shopping

Wondrous online inventory of high quality products allow our customers to choose their desired fine jewelry freely. Along with our designers work hand in hand to provide newly designed, high quality and unique jewelry that cannot be easily found. Moreover, by operating as an online platform.

Step 1 :  Search for a Jewelry

Search for a Jewelry from Wondrous inventory by using our product search functions under the main tab. You can search, compare and select the perfect jewelry, you can also see the details descriptions of each jewelry and easy to understand.

Step 2 :  Choose a Design

Choose the perfect jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants into your shopping basket.

Step 3 :  Payment and Delivery

After confirm the order, you will receive an order confirmation email that lists your order details. After confirmation of payment, we will send out your choice of jewelry through the safe and reliable shipping services.


In Stock

Wondrous design team in collaboration with leading jewelry manufacturer and experienced goldsmith to produce unique jewelry pieces that are now available on our on-line shop. Upon receiving your order , you will receive an order confirmation email that lists your order details. After receiving your payment, we will send directly to you through the safe and reliable shipping services. If you are still hesitant difficult decision, you can also make appointment with our Customer Service Center, our customer service team will be happy to serve you.


Made to Order

Since the selected jewelry is out of stock and some jewelry are made to order, you can enjoy the fixed online price for your customized purchase. Upon receiving your order , you will receive an order confirmation email that lists your order details. The production lead time will be 3-5 weeks after receiving your payment and we will send directly to you through the safe and reliable shipping services. 


2)   After Sales Service and Care

Free Delivery Service

We provide free delivery service to Hong Kong, Macau and China through the safe and reliable shipping services Company.


Ring maintenance and repair

Wondrous provides free repair services within one year from the date of purchase. Within the insured period, if any stones weighing less than 0.05 carats becomes loose from the original mount(s), we will provide free services. However, our repair service do not cover damages caused by the follows:

(1)      Human negligence.

(2)      Improper ways of wearing the jewelry.

(3)      Damage due to daily use.

(4)      Damage due to accident.

We serve the right not to provide repair services for the following situations:

(1) The stone missing is more than 0.06carats;

(2) The stone cracks, scratches;

(3) The jewelry has undergone repair elsewhere;

(4) Being stolen or lost jewelry;

(5) Changes made to jewelry disregarding professional advice;

(6) Other damages caused by non-manufacturing defects.


International customers

We are happy to provide all after-sale services to our international clients, if any related shipping costs will be charged to your account accordingly. For inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department.


3)   Quality Control

• Wondrous is not only committed to providing the highest quality jewelry, but also ensure that you can enjoy percentile satisfied customer service. We are committed to the pursuit of quality products, our quality control team have implemented strict quality control to all of our diamond / gemstone suppliers and manufacturers to make sure every piece of our jewelry has pass our quality check standards.

• Each piece of jewelry we delivered to you must pass the final quality testing to ensure that your jewelry are coincides with our stringent monitoring standards. After quality control procedures, it will dispatching for packaging.


4)   Packing

Wondrous professional packaging makes our jewelry perfect as gifts. Our packaging includes a exquisite jewelry box, certificate folder (for storing jewelry certificate of authenticity), brochures etc.


5)   Production Lead Time 

•  After you submit your order and complete the payment procedures at Wondrous, we will give you an email to confirm your order. After confirmation, we will process your order immediately.

 •  If the piece is a ready made item, we will arrange for delivery immediately to ensure timely dispatch. Usually we require an average eight to twelve business days to be delivered. If you want to receive the jewelry less than eight days, please contact our Customer Service Department to confirm whether such speedy delivery is possible at the time of order.

•  Since diamonds/gemstones are natural resources, and there is no one single diamond/gemstone is the same. The available of diamond/gemstone is therefore subject to constant changes and we cannot guarantee availability until the order is confirmed. We can also provide our professional advice to meet your needs or you can select another similar one from our stock. As all diamonds/gemstones are unique on its own, our advice is – if you see your favorite jewelry, don’t wait, grab it before someone else does.

Note:  As all pieces are hand-made, please allow sufficient time for production.


6)   Service Efficiency

Wondrous care about our service efficiency. After receive your order, we will handle it as soon as possible to ensure prompt delivery. For whatever reasons, if you need to cancel your order, please email us within six hours after the placement of your order. We will try our best to amend the order as possible. For order that have already commenced on production or have already been dispatched, we regret that those order can’t adjust to change or cancel. Wondrous wishes you found the ideal perfect jewelry from our website. If any of our jewelry piece in our inventory does not meet your requirements, please contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide our special selection for your preview. Please contact us at (852) 31071622 or email us to cs@wondrousgroupltd.com for more details.

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